Publié: 31 mars 2014 dans actualité
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La communauté algérienne et les « amis de l’Algérie viennent de lancer une pétition adressée à John Kerry avant sa visite en Algérie.

La communauté algérienne qui a toujours en mémoire l’impulsion arrachée aux Etats Unis par Bouteflika le général Toufik interprétée par ces derniers comme une bénédiction à la fraude. Une pétition adressée au secrétaire d’Etat américain dénonçant les risques de manipulation de sa visite par le pouvoir est en circulation. Nous la reproduisons intégralement.
Malek Yacini

President Bouteflika’s political campaign is using your visit to Algeria to legitimize his reelection for a fourth Presidential term

Petition by
The Algerian-American Community and friends of Algeria
Multiply Your Impact

His Excellency John Kerry
Secretary of State
The United States of America

Mr. Secretary,

We, the Algerian-American community and friends of Algeria in the United States, call on you to support the democratic process in Algeria by not allowing your up coming trip to Algeria to be used by President Bouteflika’s political campaign to legitimize his reelection for the a fourth Presidential term. As you know Mr. Secretary, President Bouteflika has been President since 1999. He has amended the Algerian Constitution to do away with the two term provision. In this election, what concerns us most is that his health is very frail as a result of a stroke he suffered last year and that by all accounts he is unable to perform the duties of the Office of President as required by the Algerian constitution.

Mr. Secretary,

As we call on you to express America’s support for Algeria during these difficult and delicate times, we also reminded that only a true democracy can enhance Algerian American relations. As you know Mr. secretary, North Africa’s stability is essential to America’s long standing interest in the region. Therefore, as we all appreciate President Bouteflika’s contribution toward maintaining such stability, and wish him a speedy recovery, we are also reminded that the stakes in this up coming election could not be higher. The challenges facing Algeria and the region require a new and a vigilant leadership to continue the struggle for a better, stable and peaceful Algeria. It is in this context Mr. Secretary that America’s role in promoting democracy in Algeria takes into consideration the implementation of the highest standards of political integrity as stated by President Obama when he said:

“We pledge to implement the highest standards of integrity — because those in power must serve the people, not themselves.”

Mr. Secretary,

The Arab Spring has taught us all a lesson that leadership change, with all its set backs, is the only way to promote change and progress and guarantee that the voice of the people is heard.

Mr. Secretary,

As you embark on your tour to North Africa, we would like you to know that the Algerian people appreciate America’s friendship and America’s values of freedom and democracy. Please hear their voice!

  1. Smail Yahiaoui dit :

    just turn that word of ‘Arab Spring’ to the ‘Spring Revolt’; also, change that we don’t Bouteflika not because he is sick, but just to respect 1989 Algerian Constitution. The rest glabaly is good written.

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